LOVE IT!! "Sorry about the laughter, volume, chaos and mess but we are learning here" (picture only)

Maybe this along with our daily schedule will help them stop asking "Is it time for lunch?" and " Is it time to go home?"

Just Add Clipart: My Room Has Been Blog-ified

Bookmark for interactive perfect is this?

Science Notebooks | Kristen's Kindergarten

Sight Word Ornaments- Make a learning tree that students can add words to as they learn them. A fantastic motivator!

Sight Word Ornaments - Inner Child Learning

15 creative respectful ways to quiet a class

15 creative & respectful ways to quiet a class -

Classroom Management Apps

Miss Lifesaver: Teacher Tip Tuesday: Classroom Management Apps

think we could do this with Skitch app and a child's photo and just have students pass around their photo - "Such a sweet idea for teachers to do in their class! Classroom B-day idea... or just a great community builder mid-year. This is seriously one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen. If there is no smartboard in your room maybe you could do it with large bulletin board paper. Then they could keep the kind words."

Kindergarten readiness checklist. Um, we have been doing this for like a year, but August, here we come!

a whole youtube channel where classic childrens stories are read outloud. My kids love these!

Apples and ABC's: Simple DIY Building Words Center

DIY tactile/sensory fidgets for classrooms and everyday. Useful for kids with ADHD, Autism and more.

abc spoons - upper case letter on white, lower case letter on clear - kids match up!

Made a version of this on canvas for my husband's Christmas present from our daughter. I put the year in the bottom corner, much smaller.

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