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Beautiful, Voluptuous Women.....!

Now she's beautiful in her skin! You don't need to be a certain size, but you do have to have confidence and take care of what size you are!

I want to lose weight to be healthy, not to reach some unrealistic goal influenced by the media.

Thick and fit is just as sexy as all other sizes. Be happy with what you got and work it #curvy quote. BBW. curvy. Plus size women are beautiful! curves. Accept your body. Body consciousness

Amazingly toned and a size 10! It's called bone structure . God gave it to u for a reason! Ur beautiful and so healthy and u work for ur fitness not skinniness! Hell u ARE skinny!!!Less than 5% of women can ever be a size 0. It's not physically possible with their bone structure. -THIS IS PERFECT!!!!

Curvalicious! There is always something to be said about curvy women.

beautiful curvy women

How about we change the "hot girl" image from being a starved 12 year old to what women are actually shaped like. Thats just my opinion.

Real men love curvy women.. Real curves... not speed bumps and swerves..

Everyone's body shape is different but I personally love healthy curves, to me her body is so ideal. Beautiful!

Enough with this "thigh gap" business. Just focus on healthy living, people! Thigh gaps won't help you hit your dead lift PR or help you power through every day tasks. Strong, healthy legs will.

to thigh gap no problem

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As seen in the Tuileries: Paris France

Plus size corset

Drape and Shape! A dress with strategic draping can accentuate your curves and minimize your midsection.