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Essential Oil Blend for Hypothyroidism! Hypothyroidism is something I deal with personally. I use doTerra's essential oils daily to treat my own condition naturally in addition to a healing food diet. www.greenlivingla...

Love Your Liver! Look after your liver and it will look after you. www.greenlivingla...

Radiant Health with doTERRA Essential Oils!: Love Your Liver!

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I've seen incredible results in people with Restless Legs Syndrome using Marjoram essential oil and the Life Long Vitality supplements! www.greenlivingla...

Helichrysum is so incredible! Did you know that Helichrysum essential oil can help skin recover quickly? www.greenlivingla...

EO Spotlight: Helichrysum | dōTERRA Blog

The heart and soul of doTERRA, Emily Wright, shares the past, present and future of the company. www.greenlivingla...

Love Cinnamon! Especially doTERRA cinnamon essential oil!

Here are some ways to use dōTERRA helichrysum.

Ways to Protect Your Family During Flu Season with dōTERRA On Guard: Part 1/4

Top 7 Natural Products To Make With Essential Oils including body butter, shampoo, deodorant, air fresheners, room sprays, and even toothpaste!

Essential Oils for Gluten Intolerance(Celiac). Find them at

TOENAIL FUNGUS: doTERRA oils, blends & products that are recommended: Clear Skin, melaleuca, and oregano essential oils. (I have seen amazing results with doTERRA's Clear Skin and Oregano essential oils) Essential oils based products for internal use: GX Assist, PB Assist. For further information see link to this post. For doTERRA essential oils

According to Dr. David Hill, this is where essential oils for tension headaches AND, In Tune Focus Blend should be applied. This region is called the suboccipital triangle. It allows pure plant essences (doTERRA EOs) to penetrate straight into the brain and blood vessels that are along the spine.