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Samantha Stutz
Samantha Stutz
Samantha Stutz

Samantha Stutz
  • Huber Heights, OH

I'm a nurse, wife and doggy mama.

Main characters' first and last appearances in Catching Fire. Peeta! :( #HungerGames #CatchingFire

ORIGINAL Painting NOT a print - Wearable Art by Dana Marie, danamarieart on Etsy - on SALE for $25

I like this A LOT!! - Old window ideas

Just like Beauty and the Beast! I LOVE this!

Jest some "The Walking Dead" funnys. - Imgur

  • Blair Jones

    He looks yummy in this pic...,haha

  • Chey Smith

    *Stuff and things. I don't know why that bothers me

  • Andrea Aquino

    *Stuff and Things saying "Things and Stuff" is like saying "Dad and Mom" or "Josh and Drake"... Its just not right

Hahaha! I love Hunger Games humor!

Human medications approved for dogs.

UFC Hall of Fame Member Chuck Liddell/Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

UFC 162 BRILLIANT!!!! silva Anderson was number one for a while... his belt was taken but was happy with what he accomplished, and what he could provide his family..! very talented fighter!!!