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Tattoos and Piercings

I hate when things make me miss my septum ring. Lady Chips by Mandi Robbie #tattoo #ink #tatts

Lady Chips by Mandi Robbie

The Double Helix + Triple Forward Helix + Double Lobe Piercing: Would you try these piercings?

28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want - could see myself getting this {Check out my style board: 'short skirt and a long jacket' Follow me: Mary Monica}

99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want

You could have stopped, but you chose to go on. I want this because depression are things that some people do and have gone through but they chose to live on despite that fact that they did have gone through tough times

Oh yeah!

Awesome Tattoos (60 pics)

native american feather and headress tattoos | native american headdress image search results

Native American Headdress Feathers Mehanata Halloween Pictures

Girl Tattoos, Tattoo Flowers, Arm Tattoos, Wrist Tattoos, Flower Tattoos, Floral Tattoos, Sunflow Tattoo, Little Tattoos, Tattoo Ink

35 Most Amazing Wrist Tattoo Design For Girls And Boys

30 Collar Bone Tattoos Ideas-love the curve of this one

30 Collar Bone Tattoos Idea for Women and Girls | Tattoos Mob

Titanic quote. My favorite line. "make it count" make every day count. make this moment count. Make it count..I say this to myself everyday before work :)

Wild Rose

Love this been wanting a crown and love the phrase just not location or how big it is

Phrase tattoo idea on the side rib cage for woman

Rib Cage Name Tattoo Idea

25 Cute And Classy Mom Tattoos photo We've Got You Covered's photos - Buzznet

25 Cute And Classy Mom Tattoos

cutest!!! If i was going to get a tattoo (which i wouldn't) it would be something like this TOTES fits with me and jimmy ;)

Awesome-Disney-Tattoos-014 | FunCage

I like the idea of the tattoo going down the wrist instead of across it. Much more elegant

God is greater than the highs and the lows.

Nick Jonas Inks A Tattoo On His Perfect Body

50 Small Tattoo Placement Ideas Hopefully some of these are actually visible, I want to be able to SEE my tat

50 of the Coolest Small Tattoo Placement Ideas

I lost my dad to melanoma, so I took a Valentine's Day card he gave me and had his signature tattooed on my foot. Now someday he can walk me down the aisle, even though he's not here.


Clavicle | 33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo

33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo

Be still wrist tattoo with a watercolor feather instead underneath the wording.

Scarification Our bodies our ink

side tattoo

I wanna get this solo bad, in memory of my grandma! ♥

Best Flowers Tattoo Designs – Our Top 10

Rose Tattoo - Inspiration for sleeve.... Promised dad I would never get another one.... But I secretly want something like this sooooo bad. Oh well

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