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"Collaboratage" - an instructional methodology concept that facilitates an initial stage of collective play when teaching a new tool (such as Prezi). This image is from Char Booth's Prezi collaboratage workshop.

Find sites you admire and learn from the source code. "Radioactive", an online exhibition from NYPL, is a good example of using jQuery to create horizontal scroll anchors.

How Linux is Built - A video in infographic-style. The new trend in image-based and concise explanations brings to mind web usability best practices. Great video.

Google Search - Accessibility Features. Database vendors should take inspiration from Google's innovation. User-focused advanced controls, such as filtering by reading level, could be incorporated into more educational databases.

Comprehensive, e-reader compatible e-book collection. If public libraries can do it, so can academics. But it is essential to develop an interface superior to the current (lackluster) OverDrive.

We all need to improve our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript literacy.

Be aware of and encourage participation in student innovation challenges, like the PennApps Hackathon.

More robust data centers = a necessity in the modern age.

Libraries should be encouraging interactivity through social media, delivering reference services and taking student requests from where the students actually are online.

Libraries need to get in on the action with computer / equipment / collection availability apps, digital library apps, virtual chat reference apps.

Perceptive Pixel, maker of multitouch displays. Potential library applications: better 3D image manipulation; multi-screen, multi-user collaboration; tactile interaction with a virtual collection; virtual group video conferencing.

Even when books are in off-site storage, virtual bookshelves can facilitate browsability and indicate availability.

Tutorial sites like facilitate continuous learning, especially for software and computer languages.

Love the computer availability maps at NCSU Libraries - this is for their learning commons.

Future spaces in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Pennsylvania - to be completed by December 2012.