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Adolescent Therapy Activities

Toss 'n Talk ball. Social skills practice.

Homemade Toss ‘n Talk Ball – Great Sleepover Party Game

Stacking Cups - Working Cooperatively as a team - On a table have several cups to stack.  To stack the cups on top of each other, students will work together to pick the cups up with a rubberband grabber.  To make the rubberband grabber, tie pieces of string to a rubber band, spacing them as evenly apart as possible (it should look like a sunshine with sun rays going out in all directions). Each person should hold onto one of the strings that are attached to the rubber band and the ...

The Creative Counselor: Fabulous Friday Friends Follow-Up
  • David C. Lichti, LMFT

    I plan on using this with my latency age group in the Emotionally Disturbed classroom when school begins in the Fall.

This seems like a really therapeutic idea ~~~"I was really unhappy as a teen and last year, at age 26, I sat down and wrote to my younger self. I told her the things I know now and what to do to try and survive this crazy roller coaster we call life. Full of hope and courage, it's the best toolkit I can share to those younger than me. Overcoming depression, self-harm, eating disorders, and hopelessness overall IS POSSIBLE and closer than you think. ♥"

Printable of a figure with an empty face. Have child draw what they are currently feeling.

Coloring page figurine - empty face - img 25691.