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My favorite cookie animal…


Thanks for pointing it out.



12 Scary Two Sentence Stories… very good! READ! The last ones the best!

Ok. This is funny!

you never know...

this stay-at-home dad writes messages on sticky-notes around the house. FUNNY! | Message With A Bottle

At least it's not just my husband... "Where are the towels?" Really?!?

This breaks my heart and makes me laugh at the same time - poor Kali!

hahahahaha. the ultimate revenge.

There is a chance I'm going to show one of these to my students every day :)

So sad, so cute!


...and I could keep my house clean if Dave would just stay at work...

For April Fools, one of my teacher friends played this awesome trick on her students!! Liked it so much I had to post this somehow! She told her students that she made them brownies. She told them she would give them to them at the end of the day. All day long they talked about them. She cut out a bunch of brown letter Es. She pulled out the "brown Es" at the end of the day and they were so sad! Good thing she had brought real brownies too! This is so great, so stealing this Brittany!!

I still think I did a pretty good job, even without pinterest!

Pintester- this girl is hilarious! I love this blog

Poor baby...

Your point of view...

haha, that would be me

LOL... literally