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Helpful Articles

Encouraging, funny, creative, and informative articles to promote healthy interactions with children. I will * the articles I read and believe are good :)

After seeking for wisdom on this thing called parenting, a mom of five grown children finally let me in on a secret. The secret to successful parenting. This is it.#parenting #raisingkids

Why You Need To Win Your Child's Heart - Pint-sized Treasures

Absolutely worth the read! sam A British Nanny's 5 Reasons Why Modern Parenting Is In Crisis. Great PARENTING article. Must read!!!

A British Nanny's 5 Reasons Why Modern Parenting Is In Crisis

Raising Kids with Healthy Money Beliefs

Why Moms are Heroes. "To you, perhaps the tired mother who wants to throw her hands in the air and have a good cry over the frustration of the day but can't even figure out what exactly made it so frustrating....To you, the mother, who might wonder if all of this mothering stuff really does make a difference. Well, it does. And here is a small reminder of why."

13 Ways to Raise Kids who know they aren't entitled to 'stuff'

We Get It: Night Terrors - what to do and lots of helpful tips in the comments.

50 ways to love your son well

AWESOME website from a Kindergarten Teacher! Perfect for the letters of the week!

Challenging behavior~What's a parent to do? [Reprinted with permission from 'The Gentle Parent: Discipline Tips, Tools, and Techniques' by L.R.Knost available November 2013; 'Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages' now available] www.littleheartsb...

Great article about entitlement-As soon as your kids are capable of doing jobs, take the time to teach them to do the jobs and then gracefully hold them responsible to follow through. I need this SO much!