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Samantha Costanilla

Samantha Costanilla | mommy of two kitties | tea lover of the green, chai, and thai varieties

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Tim Burton Minimalist Poster Series by Robert Sell, via Behance

The Lion King - minimalist poster by manoulol

Wonderful Minimalist Posters ~ HumorSurf

Wonderful Minimalist Posters ~ HumorSurf

Wonderful Minimalist Posters ~ HumorSurf


Minimalist Posters for the Films of Quentin Tarantino

Disney Princess Photo: Snow White Minimalist Poster

Minimalist movie poster - Skyfall

Minimalist movie poster - My week with Marilyn

Minimalist movie poster - Tron Legacy

Minimalist Movie Posters by Eder Rengifo, via Behance

Minimalist Movie Posters by Eder Rengifo, via Behance

Drive minimalist movie poster by Hunter Langston, via Behance

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abstract colours...x

Ohm symbol explanation. It's inspiring how such simple ink scratches could have such a grand meaning.

om/ aum A mystical Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin, sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It symbolizes the beginning, duration, and dissolution of the universe and the associated gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, respectively and can be translated as "I Am Existence

Gao Yord Color Tattoo - 9 Spires Yant is a sacred tattoo with magical powers; to protect/bring good luck to the bearer and has a similar meaning to another Sak Yant design, the Hah Taew Yant .Usually tattooed on the nape of the neck but may also be placed elsewhere. The 9 Spires Yant is a geometric design and represents the 9 Sacred Peaks of Mt. Meru and also contains 9 symbolic images of the Lord Buddha, demonstrating just how important the #9 is in buddhism

Enso Lotus - I love the Enso and this one is a favorite because it includes the Lotus flower. Symbolism of the Enso includes enlightenment. One symbolic meaning of the Lotus, related to Buddhism is fortune. This design is by Aaron Robinson.

Just got a tattoo of this on my side... So for anyone that want to know what it is and means to me... Here is some info