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Samantha Senn Lunsford

Samantha Senn Lunsford

Me and Toby will need to build a few shelves pretty soon for our Starbucks Mug collection!


What vertebra causes which leg pains? Lower Leg Pain | OSTEOPATHY | Osteopathy Acupuncture | Paphos | Limassol | Cyprus ...

Kermit. But that's none of my business tho. Lmao #grammer

Be yourself.

I secretly love fuschia and orange together. :) Reminds me of India and the colors are so juicy together.

No One Wants Poop On Their Hands… Clean Up Any Mess With Shittens™ What Are Shittens™? We're glad you asked! Shittens are the revolutionary new way to wipe up and clean up feces while protecting your hands. Each package of Shittens contains 20 disposable mitten-shaped moist wipes. That means whether you’re cleaning up after your baby, your dog or your slowly deteriorating mother-in-law, Shittens are the best way to clean up the mess without actually getting your hands dirty. Bahahaha!!!

"Let your freak flag fly, and if someone doesn't get you- move on."-Drew Barrymore

Bird Bath- old light fixture set in an old lamp shade