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Prayer Stations

There are many sites on the web that I got these from - often just copying and pasting. Here' are a couple: and The entire purpose of a contemplative prayer station is to create a time and space for people to experience God in their lives. Prayer stations can be highly creative or an incredibly simple approach to prayer and spiritual reflection. Typically, a space is set up where people can enter and participate at their own pace and level.

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Prayer Stations

  • 40 Pins

Love this idea for a prayer station. First Presbyterian church of Medford, mending torn relationships. The previous Sunday parishioners tore squares of tissue paper, this Sunday we displayed the pieces mended with a cross in the center.

The Body of Christ- made of pics of youth group members. great visual for taking about The Body of believers, and to literally put someone's face and their sin on His Body and death.

Advent spiral walk

Youth Worship Idea talking about prayer using rocks

The inspiration of the chapel well

Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! Has to be some way to use this in a prayer station about our storms. (All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers.)

Tissue paper tree collage

Love this idea!

Good blog about regrets. Make this into a prayer station theme, helping participants face their regrets. Good for confessional theme.

The Map Room (in Cincinnati) looks like it's a worship space for college students and young adults. Good ideas here.

Communion prayer stations

A breath prayer focus pic

Prayer Stations- Back to School

Video: "Fix You" Video Prayer. Beautifully made and set to Coldplay's "Fix You," the creator says this is a prayer for those of us that realize we cannot do life on our own. We have used this a couple of times over the last few years, as closing to a lesson on prayer and confession, and as a prayer station on a different youth group night.

compliment wall

Definitely a different kind of prayer station: Drive-thru prayer at Snellville, UMC, in Georgia.

Joshua 4

aisle runner with bible verse. A great idea for a prayer station. Participants could write their own prayers here, or you could write prayers that have been offered through the weekend or through the year.

Set-Up For "Don't Worry, Be Thankful" Purpose: To encourage worshipers to admit the worries they they have, and encourage them to replace those worries with images of the hope we have. Materials Needed: 8 1/2 x 11 paper, marked to have five sections. Pencils A print-out of Phil 4:6 - 7 Symbols: Blunted Nails (redemption) Dove (Holy Spirit) Peace Symbol (peace) Butterfly (transformation) Tree (new life) 10 Baskets Lables for what each of the symbols mean. Set Up: Set up the paper and pencils at one end of the table. Near the paper, post print-out of Phil 4:6-7 so it can be easily read. Take 10 baskets, and set them out in pairs along the length of the table, one towards the front of the table, and one towards the back. In each of the front baskets, place one of the symbols. Practice: Read Phil 4:6-7 Taking a sheet of paper, write down 5 worries that you currently have in your life. Walking to each station, worshipers should tear off one of their worries from the sheet of paper and drop it in the rear basket. Worshipers should then replace the worry with a symbol in the front basket. After replacing all their worries with symbols of faith, have worshipers say a prayer of thanksgiving that our lives are redefined in Christ by a new reality.

Download (free) a series of Salt & Light Prayer Stations - an interactive walk through of Matthew 5.13-17, in which Jesus informs the disciples that they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. It is such a familiar teaching and topic of Scripture that often we miss the details of the passage. What is saltiness? Why is it important to be a light? What would salt be like if it truly lost its saltiness? These stations are designed to offer answers to these and a host of other questions that you and your teenagers might have – or never realized that you had – about this passage. This can be used as it’s own event/lesson with a small debriefing time after the walk through or as a supplement to a larger teaching element. Included in this download: - PDF and WORD documents with the instructions, also includes a link to a video tour of the stations. - PDF and WORD documents with all the necessary signs for these stations - PDF and WORD documents with Matthew 5.13-17 in 7 different translations to hang around the room.

Wesley Covenant Prayer Station 7) THANKSGIVING - Setting: lots of candles of different sizes, matches and something to collect burned ones, printed prayer from the covenant in small chunks. Instructions: Our response to God should always include thanksgiving. Read through the prayer from the Covenant then add any additional thanksgivings – light a candle for them as you lift them up. Dare to whisper them out loud as you do so as a way of joining together with the grateful heart in one voice of the community. O God, our Covenant Friend, you have been gracious to us through all the years of our lives. We thank you for your loving care, which has filled our days and brought us to this time and place. We praise your holy name, O God. You have given us life and reason, and set us in a world filled with your glory. You have comforted us with family and friends and ministered to us through the hands of our sisters and brothers. You have filled our hearts with a hunger after you and have given us your peace. You have redeemed us and called us to a high calling in Christ Jesus. You have given us a place in the fellowship of your Spirit and the witness of your Church. You have been our light in darkness and a rock of strength in adversity and temptation. You have been the very Spirit of joy in our joys and the all-sufficient reward in all our labors. You remembered us when we forgot you. You followed us even when we tried to flee from you. You met us with forgiveness when we returned to you. Thank you for all your patience and overflowing grace. Finally, as a closing together, when everyone has come back to a closing circle or whatever way the seating may be, speak these words together: CLOSING PRAYER: And now, glory be to you, O God the Father. From this day forward we shall look upon as our God and Father. (touch your forehead – symbolic of your willingness to look to him as leader) Glory be to you, O God the Son, who have loved us and washed us from our sins in your own blood, and now is our Savior and Redeemer. (touch your chest – symbolic of the work he has done at the center of your being) Glory be to you, O God the Holy Spirit, who by your almighty power have turned our hearts from sin to God. (touch your left shoulder, then your right – symbolic of the spirit surrounding you) O mighty God, the Lord all powerful, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you have now become our Covenant Friend. And we, through your infinite grace, have become your covenant servants. So be it. And let the covenant we have made on earth be ratified in heaven. Amen.