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striped maxi's on my list. love the colors of this one

Crib Toy/Book Holder Tutorial ~ Here is a quick tutorial for a little hangy thingy for your child’s crib…fill it with books, toys, or binkies to keep them happy after naps. (or before…) 52. DIY Laundry Hamper {Tutorial} ~ Check out this super fabulous laundry hamper. It’s cute enough you may actually look forward to doing laundry. OK, probably not, but still! It folds up and the liner is removable

Good step-by-step for re-making a cute table. I like the old sewing-pattern idea but you could use some of the beautiful handmade papers available in art stores and the table would be glorious!

WHAT?!? Why am I just learning how to do this??? How to hem jeans the correct way leaving the original edging intact.