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Children's Bible Class - David

Activities: Lace an Irish Harp!

Irish Harp Craft

David, Bathsheba, lion game for kids (think paper, rock, scissors)

David and Bathsheba for kids - Adventures in Mommydom

What lesson is there to learn from the account of David and Goliath? Why is it important to Christians today? What can we apply in our lives today from this account?

David and Goliath Bible Story: Lesson, Summary and Study

Enjoy this fun way to teach your students more about the Bible. This week long mini unit will help your students learn the story of David from his anointing to be king to his death. This unit will cover key themes. The fun activities will reinforce the material taught. This is a simple print and go unit. All the information you need is already in the unit. Of course you will need your Bible too! :-)

People of the Bible - Davi

The Growth of David’s Army

The Quick View Bible » The Growth of David’s Army

David and Goliath

To use with the story about Daniel and his 3 friends eating just fruits and veggies. Full Hands and Ready Feet:

To use with the story about David defeating the strong city of Jerusalem by entering the city through the sewer tunnels. Full Hands and Ready Feet:

Ahead of time, draw David on the front of a piece of construction paper. Then draw the crown and scenery if you like on the back-hold paper to light to make sure you draw the crown in the right place. Tape David to a plate-don’t show the back of paper.  Anoint David with oil using a cotton ball to apply oil.  The crown magically appears when the paper is covered in oil. Say that God saw more than what Samuel saw when he looked at David; God saw that David had a good heart to be the new king.

Train Up The Child » Bible Stories

David and Goliath | Craft and Family Blog ~ Whimsical Whimsies

David and Goliath

David and Goliath costume idea - stand on chair, long fabric tunic to cover chair, shoes poking out underneath. (thanks to Messy Church @ Riviera UMC)