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Here you can see four different models for growth, with an art-specific example off to the right. This chart will help you determine which students you will track for your growth goal. This can depend on what your state requires, or what you feel most comfortable with tracking.

A Sample SLO for Art Teachers | The Art of Ed

Quick and Easy Formative Assessments

KS3 Artwork Analysis Sheet (Made by Miss Allen)

Art Pre-Assessments -- Art is From the Heart

ART ON MY HANDS: Sketchbooks pages by grade level for my workbooks

Art is From the Heart: Art Pre Test

Art is From the Heart: Art Pre Test

The Art Sandwich, talking about art with younger students

The Art Sandwich

Worksheet I developed for engaging with an art work PD for use during Art Blast Children's Art Exhibition

SchoolArts article on developing rubrics.

Assessment flowchart-- how & when to use assessment to make your teaching better (and NOT just at the end of a unit!)

Student Data Tracking in ART!!! This graphic allows for students to track their own progress and record vocabulary. It can be used as a tool for documenting student growth! No extra work for you!!!

SchoolArts - December 2012 - Page 38-39

Primary Artist Statement

This rubric will make grading art products and project learning a snap. This rubric will make art assessment easy to understand for students, pare...

Three Ring allows you to take pictures of student work and keep track of them online. It's a fast, flexible, and simple way to organize and present your students' real world work, from handwritten assignments to classroom presentations. Good tool for AVID students' portfolios.

Events in Instruction- 1-9-posters for each step