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The First Mooch

Moochelle Obama. One of the 3 people banned from Joan Rivers' funeral. (I never thought Joan had good taste before now.........HAHAHAHA!)

The Three People Joan Rivers ‘Banned’ From Her Funeral — One...

KIDS reject MOOCH's menu plans…...

Obama/Mooch...Parasites feeding off all Americans!!! Why is she sooooo angry????

[A legend in her own mind]...Thanks to Michelle Obama, Chick-fil-A Banned from School

Thanks to Michelle Obama, Chick-fil-A Banned from School

Barack hates photo-ops (acc. to him) SO much he creates them at memorial services with blondes while his MOOchie sulks as only she can do. No, Barack loves photo-ops as long as they don't make him "own" unpleasant situations he created such as illegal immigration. He'd rather drink beer and shoot pool. Moo just loves sulking.

YOU'RE REFERRING TO LEGAL IMMIGRATION PROCESS.. THEY WERE EITHER ALLOWED TO STAY BY MEETING QUALIFICATIONS & HEALTH REQUIREMENTS.. OR REJECTED & SENT BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM.. In New York City, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) convention, promising that her husband would act on his own to fix the broken immigration system.

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AMERICA DOESN'T NEED YOUR HELP TO PARENT OUR CHILDREN.. WHEN YOUR MAMA IS RAISING YOURS.. Thursday, Michelle Obama declared that Republicans were playing politics with children’s health by seeking to cut funding for her failed school lunch initiative, which has cost taxpayers billions of dollars without making kids healthier.

5 Reasons Michelle Obama's School Lunch Program Is a Giant Fail

Just Speculating, This Is What Happens when We Allow Ourselves To Be Overruled By Political Correctness & Are Afraid To STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!! We Have Gone Fro CLASS TO TRASH!!!!!

MICHELLE OBAMA: AMERICA STILL RACIST by WILLIAM BIGELOW -On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama used the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling to lecture graduating high school seniors in Topeka, Kansas, that America is still a racist country.Despite the fact that her husband was elected President of the United States twice, Obama said:

Michelle Obama: America Still Racist

DNC solicits signatures on Mother’s Day card for Mooch Obama!!! SERIOUSLY?!! WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!!!!!!!!

Sandwiched in-between two poster-sized nutrition labels in late February, FLOTUS stunned a roomful of worshipers--er-- reporters when she said that most American moms simply didn’t have her degree of Target savvy. She is a disgrace to the White House!

Deceitful Obamas- The basic premise of Mrs. Obama's speech--that she and her husband had struggled economically like so many other Americans--is false. Not only did they enjoy many advantages that others do not, but CNS News reports that Barack Obama inherited half a million dollars in stock from his grandmother, a bank vice president who Michelle misleadingly cited as a victim of gender discrimination.

Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama: Michelle Obama is America’s Marie Antionette. It is incredible how much Michelle has cost each taxpayer since moving into the White House. While our national debt reaches historic levels under her inept husband, she happily flaunts her wealth while spending 10s of millions OUR of tax dollars on shopping trips and vacations.