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Creepy and Queer Mall Santas&Bunnies

I think it's break-time for this Santa. He looks like he's walking the razor's edge!

Looks like John Ray graduated from Santa School. I am not sure he made the right career choice.

According to the boy in this photo, describing the event as an adult, Santa was so drunk that he was almost unable to stay upright and smelled as if he'd been drinking since the previous Christmas. Hahaha! Fabulous snapshot of a department store Santa and a little boy! I love how Santa's mustache is in his mouth! Hahahaha!

December 1960: Children play in the head of a large Santa - later to be perched on top of Joske’s of Texas Department Store.

And nothing says happy holidays like riding on Undead Santa's ass.

Santa can't wait for his next dimebag.

non mall santa photos how to

even santa loves pall mall

Northpark Mall Santa...the one, the only.