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Real Life Favorites

Mark Harmon and friend

Sam Elliot. Enough said......♥♥♥

This is one example of why we should not judge based on appearance. Judge based on actions. This group is awesome!!!!

Sam Elliott: "I'm a Texan at heart, like he was," he said. "All my family's from Texas. My great-great-great-grandfather was a surgeon at the Battle of San Jacinto. My great-great-grandfather was a Texas Ranger. My father was in the Fish and Wildlife Service - he started out trapping gophers in Marfa and later had jurisdiction over three states. He and my mother moved from El Paso to Sacramento just before I was born, so I grew up in California, later Oregon."

Sean Connery - in First Knight - GREAT movie!

Movie Market - First Knight Photo - C15263
  • Kumiko Wilkison

    Because of him, I've spent a fortune on Scottish historical romance books. Going to the Highlands is on my bucket list.

Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds

criminal minds #49060 - uludağ sözlük galeri

George Strait

bubba strait image search results

Dennis Weaver was one of those rare men who actually got more and more handsome as time went by.

Thank you to all who have fought and sacrificed for my freedom!