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Santa Beard Ideas

39 Pins

Santa Beard Ideas

  • 39 Pins

New Set from Heather at Custom Wig...almost ready for me to have a first fitting! Very exciting

  • Chuck Lee

    Vary nice indeed! I like the fullness and the curl in the beard.

  • Santa Allen

    Just got it, needs a few tweaks, but I think it's going to be amazing!

Santa Chuck's stache...very nice, love the fullness and the smile it creates. A great real stache to model after. I think i would like to have a little lower on the lowest points then curl all the way around.

  • Santa Allen

    Heather, if you have not already started on the Stache this is a great one to include in the design. You may not be able to tell from the picture but the 3 - dimentional roundness is really good. It is not only full, but also has thickness...if that makes sense.

Santa Steve G. Great long hair. How it sweeps up from the head is really nice, then really frames the face.

Another Hobbit picture, the styling of the beard is over the top, but the round shape in the middle is very nice. You could have this round shape them curl under the beard and have a nice Santa beard

Balin from the Hobbit. The beard/wig are awesome, i really like the hair line on the beard, also how it is a little higher at the smile line (sort of follows). and the volume on the chin really accentuates the beard.

Life in Faversham England: Hot Dwarves (Who knew?)

Santa Chuck, great look and LOVE the stache, the shape is a smile , also notice the fullness and thickness. Not a flat stache, the hair goes down from the nose then out and up. Good one to model after.

Another Denzil picture, notice the part in the middle of the forehead. The hair style is fantastic, long and flowing curls at the end

here is an idea of the shape of the lace for sole patch and the mustache

  • Custom Wig Company

    Great! It's like we're doing a mustache for your upper lip and a mustache for your under lip. But that under lip piece will have the softer lace and you'll really be able to glue it down and control how the beard is positioned.

Back/side of hair 2 - you can see the length and fullness that i want on the side and back - it does not convey the length of sideburns or from the top of my forehead exactly, but i think you can get the idea...and when matched with a bead would flow all around my head.

  • Custom Wig Company

    Very good. This is a very useful photo

  • Santa Allen

    i measured from the bottom of my sideburn to the end of the wig to get an idea of the length needed here and it was 8 inches (hair will be curled so it needs to be longer to end up that length)

Back/side of hair

Here is a picture of what I would like the back of the wig to look like when styled (I don't what a really thin looking bottom of the wig)

  • Custom Wig Company

    Nice line. We can make that the model for volume and density. I think we'll use wefted hair for the back and bottom of the wig and then tie the top and front (with the silk blender). That will get the scale right but also allow for a really natural appearance on the top and at the hairline.

  • Santa Allen

    you mean something like you did on my current beard under the chin?

  • Custom Wig Company

    If you can get me the measurement on this wig from the forehead to the bottom edge in the back, that would be great to know

  • Santa Allen

    it is 22 inches, but the hair is curled so it would be much longer if straight

  • Santa Allen

    i need to make sure that I don't get too big, and it then look like a lacey 004yl

My head is tilted down a little in this pic, but you really get a good side view of the beard it has a great shape to it in profile, nice and round.

Real Bearded Santa Claus for Hire

the beard and stache on this RBS is real nice, I particularly like the shape of the beard and how the beard sweeps away from the face on the sides (right below the sideburns). Stache is nice too.

the is from 'finding mrs claus' the beard looks like a glued on, straightened out lacy004yl, and the stache don't love it either, not sure want they were thinking, the wig is interesting though, very long and full

the hair on the cheek and the wig/head hair line are great.

really nice shape to the beard, not long enough for me, but very nice shape, very natural. The movies seem to be going after the realism more than the magic, larger than life Santa look that I want.

the shape and size of the stache is really nice. imagine the the last third of each end being much longer/thicker to then be able to create double curls and it would be a great stache to copy for Santa (white of course)

  • Custom Wig Company

    I think this is pretty much the perfect mustache.

  • Santa Allen

    though i think it needs to be thicker to match the scale of my beard, i really like how the hair goes straight down from the nose then curves a little at the lip and then as you move away from the nose to the right and left the hair gets longer and angles more to the right/left

Look at the length of this hair. It transitions well into his beard.

  • Custom Wig Company

    It does! Great photo - the sides of his beard have a little shape to them, which is nice.

  • Santa Allen

    you are right, and it looks great.

  • Santa Allen

    I think you may be right about having more yak in the beard than in the wig to creat volume and to create a little textural difference

  • Custom Wig Company

    I think it will give the right amount of separation without looking distracting.

Another picture of the Beard only. gives you an idea of the shape. (if you click on the image, it will appear right side up)

Set 1 Styled with Wig. I like the shape of this, i 'forced' some of the beard to the sides. I think the shape is nice on the the block. Need to get in on to really see it. Also, i could do a better job with the curls, but overall i like it. (if you click on the image it will appear right side up)

Curlers in set 1

Set 1 combed out.

Craig's new set, the length is amazing. The beard length and fullness makes me think of an improved lacey 004yl with lace. May actually be too thick/long for me (is that possible?). What is the length of hair on the beard? The Wig may be the length I am thinking about. need to see a picture from behind...and can't wait to see it styled

  • Custom Wig Company

    The length is around 13 inches at it's longest point, and 11 at the sides. The wig is actually about the length of yours, but straight.

  • Santa Allen

    Interesting. I would have thought it longer. The straight hair (and not being styled) give the impression of it being longer.

Great Image of the full Santa beard in The Santa Clause. I really like this beard. Not the wig or stache, but the beard is great. Hair growing from the cheek, but not in a straight line, just like it does on real faces.

Santa Claus in Movies: The Naughty & Nice

I don't like the wig at all. The stache looks ok ...but the beard is really good. I like the cheek area, very interesting. and the shape and volume is nice too.

Pictures & Photos of Santa Claus
  • Santa Allen

    the more i look at this beard, the more I like it. The way it 'grows' from the cheek is awesome and the shape is really nice. I need to try to style my current set to see if i can get a similiar look. Curled down at the ends, but with a little wave and good volume everywhere.

  • Chuck Lee

    I like the shorter hair and longer beard. I like a little more of a Pear shape to the beard being shorter at the sideburns where the beard transitions to the hair.