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101st Airborne troops move out of Bastogne, after having been besieged there for ten days, to drive the enemy out of the surrounding district. Belgium 31 dec 1944.

For quite a few years after World War II, the PK Williams Nash dealership in Austin gave a Nash automobile to a disabled vet. This is one of the cars they gave away, in 1947.

In 1940 Auschwitz I is established in Nazi controlled Poland. The Auschwitz camp system was the largest of the concentration and death camp complexes built by the Germans in during World War II.

Robert, first Duke of Normandy, and father of William the Conqueror. Robert was a direct descendant of the Viking who "founded" Normandy. Interesting that Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king, was threatened in the north by a Viking army and in the south by William the Conqueror's invasion force. So he was actually fighting to retain the throne the England against two separate Viking groups.

Robert II, Duke of Normandy (c1000-1035)

Eugene Jacques Bullard was the first African American military pilot and one of two known black combat pilots in World War I.

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Mary, a pilot of the Air Transport Auxiliary, in her gear to fly her Spitfire, c. 1944 ~

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George Armstrong Custer while he was a cadet at the US military academy at West Point. 1859.

Princess Nagako, 7 years old, 1910. As Empress Kōjun from 1926 to 1989, she was the longest lived empress consort in Japanese history. She was the mother of the present Emperor Akihito.

September 17, 1862 Battle of Antietam fought near Sharpsburg, Maryland - the Union soldiers were buried after the battle, the Confederate soldiers unburied, left on the ground where they fell. Antietam is the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, with 22,717 dead, wounded, and missing on both sides combined.

Dead Soldier on the Antietam Battlefield

Jules Leotard, inventor of the flying trapeze act, and namesake of the leotard.

The Development of Circus Acts - Victoria and Albert Museum

An American officer and a French partisan 1944

An American officer and a French partisan - My Photo Gallery

5TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP. During their ten years of combat in viet Nam, 13 of their warriors were awarded the Medal of Honor.

US Army soldier cleaning the face of a French orphan, November 1944

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The King and Queen stand amid the bomb damage at Buckingham Palace during WWII. The Palace was a deliberate target for the Luftwaffe as their High Command felt that the destruction of the Royal Palace would demoralize the nation. But it had the opposite effect and the Queen was famously to utter "I'm glad we have been bombed. Now I can look the East End in the face."

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Harvard Observatory astronomer Muriel E. Mussells Seyfert after she discovered three new ring nebulae in the Milky Way, March 1936. #vintage #1930s #astronomy #women

World War II - Sikh soldiers fighting in Italy. The Order of Battle of the Indian Army included the 4th, 8th and 10th Indian Army Divisions. These divisions were part of the legendary 8th British Army and fought along with British, New Zealand, Polish, American, Canadian and French Divisions.

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A U.S. Marine Corps M2A4 “Stuart” light tank is hoisted from USS Alchiba (AK-23) into a LCM(2) landing craft, off the Guadalcanal invasion beaches on the first day of landings there, 7 August 1942.

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A machine gunner watching for snipers as an engineer crew bathes in the river below, Guadalcanal 1943

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US Marines taking a well deserved rest on some ruins during a lull in the battle for the recapture of Guam, July 1944

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The Women's Airforce Service Pilots - WASPs - logged hundreds of hours ferrying planes around the country, towing targets for gunnery practice, and testing out new model planes, including some the male pilots were afraid to try. Powers that be "shamed" the men into flying the heavy bombers by showing even women could do it. They trained at Sweetwater, TX, and when the program ended? Got a ticket home and thanks. Took til the 70's to get military recognition. Amazing ladies!

"pistol packin mamas. WWII female pilots in sweetwater, texas. 1942. the original fly fly girls!!