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Description: Detail of an historiated initial 'L'(iber) of Matthew holding a book, with a dragon under his feet, at the beginning of Matthe...

Catherine of Cleves manuscript. Select 'Hours of Catherine of Cleves', under 'Multimedia', to hear the curator of the Morgan Llibrary's manuscript collection tell why this is such an important book. Well done!

Giuniano Maio , De Majestate Auteur : Giuniano Maio. Auteur du texte Auteur : Nardo Rapicano. Enlumineur Date d'édition : 1492 Contributeur : Giovan Matteo de Russis. Copiste Type : manuscrit Langue : Italien Provenance :

Giuniano Maio , De Majestate

Avignon BM ms 0029 - Don't know if he's really a dragon...

Tailor. Landauer Twelve Brother's House Manuscript. c15th Century.

Weaver. Landauer Twelve Brother's House manuscript, c15th Century.

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Histoire d'Outremer folio: 132 France, 1232-1262

Manuscript Miniatures: BL Yates Thompson 12 Histoire d'Outremer

Illuminated Manuscript, Book of Hours, Funeral Mass, Walters Manuscript W.168, fol. 166v, originally uploaded by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts. This fine illuminated Book of Hours was produced in two stages in the second and third quarters of the fifteenth century. The manuscript contains eleven full-page miniatures and twenty historiated initials.

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The 'Liber Floridus' is essentially a compilation of extracts from nearly two hundred late Classical and early Medieval works by authors such as Isidore of Seville, Orosius, Julius Honorius, Pomponius Mela, Solinus, Venerable Bede, Rabanus Maurus, Pseudo-Callisthenes and Martianus Capella. There are, unsurprisingly, biblical dimensions to the manuscript, including a description of the Apocalypse, and the final illustration above depicts Noah's Ark, for instance.

BibliOdyssey: Liber Floridus

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 15216, detail of f. 125r. Le Pas de la mort fait par ame. 15th century.

Demon harassing St. John. Detail from San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 01104 f.14 c.1400-1415

From ‘The Visions of Hildegard von Bingen’

Saint James the Great (detail) from Breviary of Isabella of Castile, about 1497. British Library

The British Library MS Viewer

Book of Hours, Horse playing flute and drum, from a marginal cycle of images of the funeral of Renard the Fox, Walters Manuscript W.102, fol. 74v detail

Pal. lat. 1632 Vergilius Maro, Publius Sammelhandschrift Deutschland, 15. Jh. Persistent URL:

Bodleian Library, MS Douce 152 Book of hours, France, 15th century

Apothecary shop - 14th century

Apothecary shop

Ginecología medieval. Aldobrandino of Siena, Le Régime du corps (ff. 1-75v). France, N., 3rd quarter of the 13th century (perhaps c. 1285)

French, ca 1450-1510. Three illuminated manuscript leaves from different Books of Hours, all in Latin, on vellum. Includes a page with text from the Canonical Hour of Nones, Rouen, ca 1490; a calendar leaf of November/December, Rouen, ca 1510; and one with decorated initials and borders of burnished gold and tempera, and rubrics in red, Franco-Flemish, ca 1450.

Souls In Purgatory. From: [De Gros - Carondelet]. Book of Hours. Flanders c. 1480, Burgundy c. 1485-1500. Illuminated manuscript on vellum with 16 text, 17 calendar lines. 348 ff. 22 illuminated miniatures, 6 small miniatures, initials throughout. Flemish Bastarda in black ink, rubrics in red.

Pal. lat. 1632 Vergilius Maro, Publius Sammelhandschrift Deutschland, 15. Jh. Persistent URL: