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Survivors of Abuse

Inside the Mind of an Abuser

Sanctuary for the Abused: Inside the Mind of an Abuser

Is He or She a Psychopath? 1. Charismatic, exaggerate stories, lie 2. Intellectual, sharp wit, con artists 3. No feelings: guilt, remorse, love 4. Impulsive, free of repercussions 5. Never lose, vehemently defend their position 6. Never wrong, never apologize, attack accusers 7. Believe their lies, may pass lie detector test

Victims of Psychopathic Relationships

An article that explains who to tell when a social situation is toxic.

Deciding When a Situation is Toxic


Doing his dirty work for him. Often attacking others or making excuses. Also doing more than your fair share or anything else the NARC finds boring.

♥ ♥ Narcissistic phony. This is why with some NARCS the abuse is very covert. The NARC can portray himself as loving and somewhat interested to your face while he bad mouths, has a pity party, sleeps around, steals and continues to scheme. This way he can continue to take and use you longer, all the while maintaining his image as 'perfect married father' (w/FB PHOTOS), until you are all used up or you have become so emotionally and physically worn out that you no longer support his perfect image

♥ ♥ Narcissists Fake EVERYTHING!

He sees you when you're texting, he heard you on the phone, he saves all of your voice mails bc he doesn't have a life....

My life... Many children of narcs, and those who have been married to narcs often go along to keep the peace for survival mode. There is a tendency to repeat the behavior and have a relationship with another narcissist. Lack of peace of mind, self respect, valued for one's authenticity and individuality. The key is to know your value and respect your worth. You hold the power and the key to your happiness. Learn as much as you can about narcissism to avoid repetition. -The Lost Self

Grieving 1/2 A Recovery from Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

To lose. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

Why we should learn about malignant narcissism.

Why We Should Learn About Malignant Narcissism