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Verbal Abuse Quotes | Verbal Abuse Destroys Lives | Female Imagination

Verbal Abuse Destroys Lives

Often people with Invisible Chronic Autoimmune Disease & Illness; and Chronic Pain Syndrome put on their best production every to hide from you the fact that they are suffering, ill, in pain, and not able to do the things you expect of them. Please learn about Invisible Chronic Autoimmune Disease & Illnesses; Chronic Pain Syndrome

Don't be afraid of past or current mistakes. They become your best lessons. #faith #business

Warning the new target rarely works. If they only knew what it was you could save them from. They must find out for themselves. New targets are willing to overlook anything and everything, their desire to believe the mask he/she wears is so great, they will believe any far fetched excuse or smear campaign the psychopath hands them. After all, that's why they were picked by the psychopath in the first place.

Domestic Violence Awareness: Get The Facts The most preventable crime.

Domestic Violence Awareness: Get The Facts [Infographic]

Healthy & Unhealthy Boundaries in Relationships: Where do you fit in?

Talking about what happened to you is the best thing you can do for yourself!

12 Heartbreaking Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members

5 signs of domestic abuse: 1.An imbalance of power and control; 2.Intense jealousy; 3. Isolation; 4. Poor or strange appearance; 5. Abusers cycling behaviors or explosive behavior.

5 signs of domestic abuse

"I didn't deserve it" ~ Domestic violence survivor #seethetriumph

"I didn't deserve it"

Deconstructed | Graphic Design and Art Direction

Deconstructed | Projects

"Part of Being Abused is Being Kept in the Mind Game" ~ Domestic violence survivor #seethetriumph

"Part of Being Abused is Being Kept in the Mind Game"