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In honor of Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month - LEARN THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purchase a Blue Lightbulb from any of the Dunebrook Divas for Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Dunebrook | Every Child: Safe, Healthy, Happy

Anti-Victimization, Child Abuse Prevention Curriculum: Yello Dyno Child Protection Program

Did you know that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

What role should schools play in child abuse prevention?

Role of schools in child abuse prevention

Domestic Violence Awareness

October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence

Males affected by domestic violence

Sibling bullying is how one becomes a bully. We need to stop it in the home.

No child should live with abuse. Let’s put an end to child abuse now.

New Article: National Child Abuse Awareness Month April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. We don’t always recognize the signs that are not visible. It is imperative that we understand, and open our hearts to be able to recognize what we might otherwise miss. Let’s make it personal. - National Child Abuse Awareness Month - African American Culture at BellaOnline www.bellaonline.c...

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

For a long time, I loathed taking pictures. I hated being called beautiful. Because an abuser once told me that, being beautiful was the reason I was being violated. And that it was something I should expect. Hearing that as a child does something to your mental; especially when it happens more than once and you’re told, while being abused, “you’re so beautiful”. I loathed the word beautiful. My pictures are therapeutic. Sharing them are an exercise is chasing my demons and exorcising my fears.

MY FRIDAY TRUTH: “Abuse Can Hide In Plain Sight” I know for a fact that abuse can be going on and no one will know or suspect for quite sometime. I know, because I’ve been there. And no one knew or suspected for quite sometime. Abuse is going on every where, in all walks of life, professions, and religions. If you know or suspect that someone is being abused, say something. Watch out for them; let them know you are an option for them to turn to. There are a lot of smiles hiding a lot of abuse.

‘Why Didn't You Just Leave?’Six Domestic Violence Survivors Explain Why It’s Never That Simple

‘Why Didn't You Just Leave?’

That all...

Verbal Abuse

Whats wrong with the world