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Love this idea... though I still want more of an updo... maybe this into a low side ponytail with curls?

Trendy Make-up ♥ / Purple eyshadow for green eyes ~ makeup via Polyvore

Purple eyeshadow with eyeliner - although I would most definitely tone down the liner! Pretty color, though...

Overlapping Half-Up Half-Down Hair Tutorial

* Who is older? * Who has more siblings? * When you first met, who made the first move? * Who is the better driver? * Who has been in more car accidents? * Who studied the hardest in school? * Who got better grades in school? * Who is smarter? * Who is more creative? * Who is better at keeping surprises? * Who will be doing the cooking? * Who is more adventurous? * Who is more likely to get injured? * Who is more likely to get sunburned? * Who is more likely to be ...

I REALLY wish I didn't find this website... It has everything. Cheap. Think Oriental Trading, but awesome.

Alfred Sung Style D449 Bridesmaid Dress in Black

Take a picture of your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day. Soooo much better than trying to give her the dress or trashing it.

Meet the maids! In a little frame, post a picture of each girl and tell how you met & why you chose them to be in your wedding, display at the reception or bridal shower, etc.

Paper lanterns - inexpensive but make a very pretty centerpiece. love!

Purple Ribbon Wedding Cake

beautiful cake - black, white, and red always look great together

Beautiful black and white wedding cake

Chic A-line sleeveless chiffon wedding dress