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now THIS is how you get me to work out!

i like the idea of this, but 30 seconds of pushups first thing in the morning, kill me now. i think i would do: * 1 min downward dog to plank * 1 min jumping jacks * 30 sec pushups * 1 min jumping jacks * 30 sec pushups * walking lunges to the shower

Yep.What girl doesn't need this?

16 Simple Healing Foods for stress, headaches, stomach aches

Good "go-to" when you don't know what to make

1. Drink one glass of water every hour. It will make you feel full. 2. Drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories just getting the water to a normal temperature to digest. Also it is great for your complexion. 3. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. It will help boost your metabolism, plus its anti-oxidants make your skin look great. 4. Take vitamins daily. Do not take vitamins on an empty stomache, otherwise they have nothing to catalyze with. 5. Eat ice or gum when hungry.

I like this article: "Studies show that habitual swimmers are physically up to 20 years younger than their biological age" (: Haha that's cool!


This is definitely the best one there is. -to be that person your coach warns you about-