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Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth | Video on - this is very very good!

The orchestra in my mouth

Choir is my favorite class. It is my favorite because it helped me decide what i wanted to do for the rest of my life, sing. And act but i was in choir when i heard about the play and i got in the play and i loved it.

Embro Thistle Singers

Have all your music students write their names on an eighth note to make a Note Tree. "We're growing together in music!"

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Word Wall {Choral Singing}

Word Wall {Choral Singing}

"Table Texting" is a fun, interactive strategy you can use to get students to talk about whatever topic they need to discuss but are reluctant to.


MUSIC Class! EIGHT Ice Breaker activities for young musicians. $

Back to School Ice Breakers for Music Classes

have a class mascot to do reminders - too cute!

Teaching with a Smile: Classroom Mascot... How cute is he?

This was a fun activity to do in music class the first week of school involving the whole school! The kids spent just the last 10 minutes of class coloring their note/musical symbol. I also had a bit of a grade level assignment for them to include. The fifth graders wrote their favorite song title, the third graders wrote the value of the assigned note etc.

The newest addition in the Learning on the Move series, this book is a resource for conductors and directors of a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles—from upper elementary choirs, Orff ensembles, and beginning bands to middle school and high school choirs, orchestras, and bands. These active start-ups to ensemble rehearsals will result in more productive sessions as students explore, share, discuss, and discover the information necessary to be self-directed musicians.

Music Teacher with a sense of humor ~ bet s/he teaches Middle School!

A different cup-rhythm game from Brazil - "Escatumbararibe"

All the Single Ladies - A Solfege Tribute (BYUI) Sol - Mi - Do -.. do.. re.. mi.. re .. DO! Just so kids realize... it's ALL their music... it's ANY SONG... it's what MUSIC is based on. It's ALWAYS there. So.. singing So - Mi ... So So mi,.... Yeah,.. not for babies. It's the BASIS!

I HATE the clutter and paper all over my desk - I like this for keeping things contained better than just my manila folders

31 Days of Music Education

A 24 page PDF file introducing students to the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clef! Has quizzes with answer sheets along the way to check understanding $

I love this...have the parent write the address at Open House and then send a positive note home for each student at some point during the year.

This choir freak is freaking out about this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

@Clare Jackson for choir.

PowerPoint on vocal health. 22 slides. A valuable resource for vocal/singing teachers and choir/choral directors The slides cover points on maintaining vocal health as well as how to recognise vocal abuse. You can use the Ppt as is or print off the colorful slides and laminate them to use as posters in your teaching classroom or studio. $2.85

Poster for my Choir Room: background made from paint chips, letters cut out form scrapbook letter stencils. Center says "Bring it when you sing it" and top and bottom are reminders of what to do when you want to "bring it" :)

FREE Persuasive/Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer Printable~ Students can use this planner to map out their persuasive essay. This site has many other writing printables, worksheets, and activities. Great resource!

FREE- Music Teacher Font with standard and kodaly notation (personal use only)

Most of these are for older grades but I love the stand up sit down activity!:)