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Post your pictures throughout the school year- I love this idea for a bulletin board that will not ever need to be changed!!! Just keep on adding pics!!! :)

Draw The Line At: instagram bulletin board

~Bulletin Board.... I would add student writing on an index card with perhaps why they chose that cover to make it more student centered. Love the idea. *

The Teacher with a Ponytail: Library Bulletin Board!

Here are ideas for how teachers can connect effectively with parents. Click for more.

Talking to Parents: What Every Teacher Needs to Know

Neat Idea! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher!!!

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: My Math Block Mini-Series {Part 6}

Paint stick number lines~ A great way to teach the Common Core fraction standards.

Stick the labels on a clip board like this. And while you're walking around observing students, make notes. Write ANYTHING! Ex: Ashley is struggling with letter sounds. Continue to reinforce letters: H, M, and Y/Grant is reading well. May want to bump him up a level. At the end of the week, peel & stick to student's index card

Such a sweet idea for teachers to do in their class! Classroom B-day idea... or just a great community builder mid-year. This is seriously one of the sweetest ideas I have ever seen. If there is no smartboard in your room maybe you could do it with large bulletin board paper. Then they could keep the kind words.

a birthday + a treat

"Meet the Teacher" Night ~ One of my favorite ideas is that she has parents write a note to their child. Then, she puts the notes on their desks for them to find on the first day of school!

Desk Notes with a Dry Erase marker when there is going to be a sub...Love this!!!! So going to do this~

Creating a Teaching Portfolio that Gets You the Job!

Great idea for teachers! Fantastic way to make students accountable for their missed work. www.mythirtyone.c...

Great use of interactive notebooks in Language Arts for the intermediate grades.

fidget ring for those movers who have a hard time sitting

Teacher friends.... "No More Name Plates... I have done this since my first year teaching! I had a very smart mentor!"

Fun in First Grade: 100th Day - So many great ideas for 100 day - Coming up soon!