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Products and Tips I Love

how to strengthen your nails. I've been using this DIY solution for a week and am already seeing results. Brittle nails, be gone!

This actually worked really well.

The Best Way to Clean Shower Mold-Permanently

For the OCD person inside of you!

33 Ingenious Cleaning Tips

magic salt sock for ear infections

Handy Hints | TheWHOot

The BEST way I have found to remove Labels from jars and containers! Minimal elbow grease required! Perfect for upcycling into crafting containers!

How To Easily Remove Labels - That's What {Che} Said...

Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub. Shine throne

Hard Water Stains In The Toilet

No one wants to toss a perfectly good shirt because of a stain that won't come out! Next time, try these tried & true techniques for removing almost any stain. From blueberries to wine, these simple steps will keep your laundry looking good as new. There's even a cute printable cheat sheet to hang in your laundry room!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Schedule Printable - Organize and Decorate Everything

Beat that sore throat QUICK ... someone try this and lmk how it works for u!

I started doing this and will never stop! My tub & shower are always spotless-so simple. Simple shower and tub cleaner: fill wand half and half. Wet surface and scrub. wow! rinse off

How to clean the glass on your oven door in minutes! I'll have to remember this

The easy way to get your jars sparkling clean and ready to re-use without using any harsh chemicals!

Handy stuff to know! Now if only I could iremember it..

Clean with vinegar and baking soda

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home (some of these are amazing, must try)

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout!

This is crazy. Mix 1 full tablespoon of salt , 1/4 c vinegar and 1/2 c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off

I wish I had known this - we thawed a lot of vegetables! Ketchup packets as icepacks. They are the perfect size for kid bumps and bruises and they stay soft so they can form to the body part. # Pin++ for Pinterest #