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Proud to be 5 foot 0.

Intelligence, courage, and strength.

Pretty much. At least, according to this society.

Moon Goddess; reminds me of all a woman's body is capable of

Aphrodite- literal Goddess


Salma rocks the hips and the boobs.

I ADORE this photo! This model's body is very similar to mine. She's beautiful. Who gives a crap about tummy rolls?

I think these are those Dove models; I am like that pasty-white girl, lol! I'm so white I'm like translucent. You can see my veins.

Me now, in recovery!

Me when I was sick with anorexia. Ugh.

I've been told I look like Sarah McLachlan- what a compliment! SHe's so beautiful, and my favorite artist.

Another look at the post-op photo-op; I have the eleven inch thoracotomy scar, and four chest tube scars.

My abdomen and chest, three weeks after surviving having my chest cracked open and part of my left lung removed. Those other holes are from the giant chest tubes that drained fluid out of my chest cavity. I nearly died; flatlined in surgery, went septic, was in a coma, on a ventilator, had MRSA pneumonia. But I lived. The body is amazing and so is God. My mom too, who nursed me through it.

God is amazing, the body is amazing, this woman is having a baby after surviving breast cancer!