30 day hair challenge; there are some pretty cool braid ideas on here.. and if you click the link there's some info on an ebook with step by step instructions for all of these lovely styles xD

DIY Unique Braided Hairstyle 2

Hairstyles For Girls - Hair Styles - Braiding - Princess Hairstyles

35 Short Haircuts for Thick Hair | 2013 Short Haircut for Women

2mins For A Fuller Ponytail I love this and use it on school days when I just want to pull my hair back. I always get compliments about how thick my hair looks. Want to know my secret? Here it is!

Step by step on how to cut boys hair the professional way :-) This will save so much money!!!

How to curl hair with a flat iron (best curls ever).. repinning this because it actually works.. even for hair dummies like me haha

How To Rope Braid Your Hair

bobby pin trick - I had NO idea I was using bobby pins incorrectly. I feel like I just learned that I've been putting my shoes on the wrong feet or wearing my underwear backwards my whole life. That's what I get for not paying attention to these things like all the other girls.

"Curly Hair Is Finally Back In Style: Roller Setting Techniques To Create Voluptuous Curls" ...How To Correctly Roll Your Hair!

Casual medium length

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