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Queen Elizabeth by Annie Liebovitz

Charles Dickens reads to his daughters.

“This poster was commissioned by the English Eugenics Education Society... by 1914 it had over 1,000 members. It aimed to promote public awareness of eugenic problems, advocating the ‘improvement’ of human hereditary traits through social intervention.”

He famously attacked her in the press for refusing to waive VAT on the legendary Band Aid single in 1984 – she later relented - but Sir Bob Geldof and Baroness Margaret Thatcher put their differences behind them by 2008 as they chatted at a Rudyard Kipling Poetry reading at the British Library.

The 50th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge: Crowd Walks Over Bridge (May 24, 1987).

to paint just one layer would be divine

Domestic camouflage | Floral patterns | William Morris |

Tapestry by Claudia Chase woven on a Mirrix Loom

How to draw a little bird

Waldseemuller map 1510


Gentlemen! :P

dogs dogs dogs


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi, Thailand.

The Wonders Within Your Head

London by Hattie Newman


fba how to - for darling ranges.

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World

That's nearly twice the amount of illiterate men worldwide. UN studies have shown that increasing the literacy rate of women by 1% saves more children than increasing the amount of doctors 1%. This is why I'm a feminist.