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Asian Elephants Console Each Other When in Distress by Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, livescience: Asian elephants reassure other distressed elephants by touching them and "talking" to them, which suggests they are capable of empathy and reassurance, according to new research. Image by Elise Gilchrist: #Elephants #Empathy

Peach Rose Journal - My Thoughts Exactly

(1) Tijdlijnfoto's - Cats And Kittens

Friends: much cheaper than a psychiatrist

Phteven - I cant stop laughing about this!

Treat people the way you want to be treated. And dance. Love her!

Gypsy stallion Billy Boy


HORSES ADOPT ORPHANED DEER  A fawn was spotted wandering alone in a field near Subenacadle, Nova Scotia, Canada, but managed to survive with the help of his new foster family of horses. Once the horses took him in, the fawn never left. He was able to survive summer and fall without his mothers milk. We guess all he really needed was a lot of love and tender care.

Chris seems like an interesting fellow. I want to meet him.. i'll be on pinterest at 4PM this thursday.

The Most Beautiful Lion