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My Fascination with Rocks...

Cheetah Agate. Cheetah Agate is a fairly new find from Brazil and only a couple of tons were imported into the country. Cheetah Agate is found in seams with Apatite that is being mined in Brazil. It's color and pattern are the reason it is called, and aptly so, Cheetah Agate.

Darrel Gulin Photography | Gallery | Rocks

Pipe Opal from the Quilpie opal mining are Australia

SOLID BLACK OPAL FROM LIGHTNING RIDGE RARE CHAFF PATTERN Golden-Orange , Teal Green , Blue, AND PURPLE Colors are vibrant rich and bright the colours can be seen from all angles,26.90 CTS APPROX. PERFECT FOR DESIGNER PIECE

Prehistoric Sea Lilies #hmnspaleo

Aphanitic Volcanic Bomb. A volcanic bomb found in the Mojave Desert National Preserve. The smooth texture of this basaltic volcanic bomb is aphanitic. A volcanic bomb is a mass of molten rock (tephra) larger than 64 mm (2.5 inches) in diameter, formed when a volcano ejects viscous fragments of lava during an eruption. They cool into solid fragments before they reach the ground. Because volcanic bombs cool after they leave the volcano, they do not have grains making them extrusive igneous rocks.

Mexican Fire Agate a variety of chalcedony (SiO2), is a semi-precious natural gemstone found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.There is no actual object inside the stone, this special effect arises from light interference within the microstructure layering of the gem. Captain Tenneal's photostream. Shaped and polished piece.

Larimar Most of this is out of the Domican Republic