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Poster: The Parts of a Writer ... This set includes readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, friends, and teachers. Both boys and girls are represented, including varying skin tones. $

How I STOCK My Classroom Library [Part Three in the Classroom Library Series] from The Thinker Builder

For when they have small pieces of things they are working on but are not ready to glue in their journals yet! What a great idea!

Teaching Today: This is such a simple idea I found online, but it is helping me keep my paperwork organized! I’m constantly making lists of what to do, and this helps me collect my thoughts in one place. I may create another one for things to do at home because it is SO HELPFUL.

Teachers Share Our Best Tips for Student Teachers. Student teaching may be the most nerve-racking, and at the same time, the most rewarding experience you will ever have as a teacher. The months spent student teaching are your chance to shine and make a great impression — something you definitely want to do if landing a job quickly is your ultimate goal.

Parent contact index cards sent home first day of school. Students bring them back and place in a binder. The Wise & Witty Teacher: Freebies!

The Wise & Witty Teacher: Freebies!

Back to School with Newspaper Dancing- great way to teach kids personal space

Mrs. King's Music Room: Back to School with Newspaper Dancing

Notebook to place all the kiddos special drawings they give you. Then the other students can see read them in the library area.

Freebie and Lots of Pinterest Ideas!

TONS of templates to make your own board games for school..or students can make their own educational games!

First week of school activity-have each student decorate a puzzle piece to describe themselves and then put together on a wall. Great idea for creating a classroom community.

First Day of School Puzzle Mural

End of the year activity: have your class make brochures for next year's students!

Love this! Front folders for unfinished work instead of inside desks where sometimes the work disappears into black holes. - or on the sides if they sit at tables!

Ta-da!! Kids can bind the books they make with a hole punch, rubber band, and paper clip -- way more fun than stapling!

Managing guided reading groups. flexible. visual for students (coloured to differentiate but not to "level")

Genius Hour Assessment

Corkboard Connections: Bring Some Passion Into Your Classroom! Wonderful guest blog post by Jen Runde about how to implement a "genius hour" in your classroom as a way for students to explore topics they are passionate about. Inspiring!

Love this idea for the last day or so of school- make stations for the kids to make things to take home over the summer. She has a station to make math flash cards, pick up a writing journal, make a book out of copied anchor charts, etc.

Pizza Box Portfolios Students keep their best work in a "Pizza Box Portfolio." Frodos Pizza donates pizza boxes for us to use in creating the portfolios. We fold the boxes inside out so students have a blank box to design. Portfolios are kept in the classroom until the end of the year, and then sent home so families can see the growth of their young writers!

My 2nd graders made these adorable "selfies" for their parents to see at conferences. Needless to say, they were a hit!