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Reading Comprehension

When I was a kid, the words MAIN IDEA used to make me want to BREAK OUT IN A SWEAT. Now as a teacher, they still kind of make me want to BREAK OUT IN A SWEAT, but I'm a little less....sweaty...thanks to nifty teaching tools like FREE MAIN IDEA CARDS!!!

FREE Main Idea practice

Teaching Problem & Solution can always be very tricky with students. They have a hard time identifying it in many cases. I want to try this book this year with my 2nd graders to kick off this type of reading and writing.

One Extra Degree: Happy Dance and a Giveaway! :)

This theme organizer requires students to select text evidence of character thoughts, actions, and change leading to discussions of theme at the conclusion of reading.

Theme Organizer Freebie

Great for inference...Elizabeth, a beautiful princess, lives in a castle and wears fancy clothes. Just when she is about to marry Prince Ronald, a dragon smashes her castle, burns her clothes with his fiery breath, and prince-naps her dear Ronald. Undaunted and presumably unclad, she dons a large paper bag and sets off to find the dragon and her cherished prince.

FREE graphic organizers based on common core standards..... These look great!!! ...Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Ms. Third Grade: Freebie and Common Core Bundle

First Grade Wow: Grinch Alert! Cute ideas to incorporate the Grinch into schoolwork around Christmas time

Classroom: Reading / Writing. Character Traits grouped with similar traits. Use to compare and contrast. What are the subtle differences? Would be great to transfer these into a web organizer.