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The Bad Eggs

Live Fast, Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well. (AKA: The embodiment of Sooz & Sarah's epic womance.)

This is my new most favorite thing of all time

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Google for the Pinterest Junkie: try this next time you find an uncredited image you want to pin. :)

  • Dulcy Brown

    You can also go to the Google Images homepage's search bar & click the camera icon within the search bar.

  • Dulcy Brown

    It will prompt you to put in the image's URL or upload the photo and will also search Google for the image. Just in case some people don't use Chrome.

  • Dulcy Brown

    Also, When the f*** did Pinterest start making a 250 word limit on the comments section? Unless, I am clueless and it was always there...

☆ Her Eyes Can Be So Cruel :¦: Artist Bill Main ☆

Ezio as a Sith Lord. Best combo ever. (Assasith's Creed by JJcanvas on deviantART)

@Susan Dennard Ahgisahgiasngagsniang!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART.

WHY?! WHYYYYYYY?! (Katara and The Blue Spirit)

Makes me think of the hot redneck in our alien horror, SILVER FALLS

This is our spirit animal. GUACAMOLEEEEEEEEE (Wexter Redux :: Personal FanArt from Axe Cop by Brynn Metheney)

  • Sarah J. Maas

    I hope that when we're reincarnated, we come back as this glorious creature.

Our kind of marathon, Sooz.

  • Susan Dennard

    That was exactly what our 2013 New Years looked like. But the popcorn was tortilla chips and guacomole.

  • Sarah J. Maas

    Hahahaha, YES. *sniffle* LET'S SEE EACH OTHER ASAP. Our Alien mini-marathon last month wasn't nearly enough. Wahhhhhhh.