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Throne of Glass

My New York Times & USA Today best-selling YA fantasy series about an infamous young assassin who must battle her way to freedom in a corrupt kingdom... Available now from Bloomsbury!

Elena (White by MartaEmilia on deviantART)

White by MartaEmilia on deviantART

["Faust with palette n°1" by Orpheelin]

[Elsa:The queen on fire by RikaMello on deviantART]

Elsa:The queen on fire by RikaMello on deviantART

[Priestess by MartaEmilia on deviantART]

Priestess by MartaEmilia on deviantART

[by Liu Tao]

liu tao on

Necklace by NataliaDrepina on deviantART

[Em la de yeu by xnhan00 on deviantART]

Em la de yeu by xnhan00 on deviantART

[Various Cover Arts by Marc Simonetti]

Characters Adventurers - RPG Crossing
  • Hristina Pencheva

    It is such an exciting story! I can't wait to find out how this picture fits in it :)

Celaena. [Celebrian by kimberly80]

Celebrian by kimberly80 on deviantART

[Gil - galad by kimberly80]

Gil - galad by kimberly80 on deviantART

Call Of The Wind by anndr on deviantART

Manon Blackbeak [Rohan warrior sketch by kimberly80 on deviantART]

Rohan warrior sketch by kimberly80 on deviantART

Mala Fire-Bringer [Firebird - Susan Seddon Boulet]

Susan Seddon Boulet

Blueblood witches [Czary, Autumn Sorceress by `fantasio on deviantART]

Czary, Autumn Sorceress by fantasio on deviantART

Lyria [Luthien Tinuviel]

Luthien Tinuviel by RHADS on deviantART