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Developmental Checklists (Birth to age Five)

How to Potty Train in One Day, this mom has some great ideas about potty training!~Ill be thankful I pinned this in the future.

Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child. Awesome advice. I love how it explains why you need to do certain things, and the child's perception of arguments.

Why taking moments to slow down, look the kids in the eyes, and really listen matter. @Rachel

Family Conversation Jar |

Three things to say to your child every day "I love watching you..." " I SEE you"

LOVE THIS - The Warm Fuzzy Jar- Whenever your child does something helpful or kind, you place a pom-pom ball in their jar together because kind and helpful acts make people feel good, like a warm fuzzy- when your jar is full your child gets to pick something fun to do ( type of reward system for reinforcing positive behavior- such a cute idea!)