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holly and jolly

Each kid gets their own wrapping paper - none of the gifts are marked, and in order to know which gifts are theirs, they have to find a tiny piece of their wrapping paper in the bottom of their stocking. its a little last minute excitement, as they see the gifts, but dont know which belongs to who. Cute and some great Christmas traditions in this post.

Scented Pinecones - Rinse pinecones under running water, lay pinecones on an old cookie sheet and bake at 200F until the pinecones open up (kills bugs, melts sap etc) spread pinecones out on layers of newspaper. Use a foam brush to apply glue. Mix cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in baggie. Add pinecones in spice mix. Shake to cover. Allow to dry overnight. Use scented pine cones in gift baskets, on wreaths or placed in bowls. Hang them from your door handles or from your Christmas tree.