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The Rules of Scoundrels

West. Westy West West.

Alexander Skarsgard |

Via Alma Pereira: "You know how awesome Chase looks on the Never Judge A Lady cover? I imagine her looming over him in bed like this in JUST that fashion. Naturally, he enjoys ceding control every once in a while....."

Via Alma Pereira: "Duncan West playing the "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" game and WINNING GODDAMN HIM...".

Via Alma Pereira: "How could anyone resist confessing to any and all of their secrets with those piercingly gorgeous Duncan West baby blues fully focused on them?!"

Damian Lewis - Cross

  • Arshia Naqvi

    Really?!? because I'm totally fine with that!

  • tjm

    No! He's a bad guy! (Or at least he seems to be so far in Season One of Homeland, which is as far as I've watched.)

  • Arshia Naqvi

    Lol but Chase is a little on the bad side too. Btw I don't watch Homeland but I've heard he gets better....


  • Chloe Lee

    I was wondering who you were envisioning for Cross... I can see it :)... Love that his coloring was such a prominent part of the character!

  • seize the light

    I bought your book because you mentioned the face character was Max Martini. SO underappreciated and so ridiculously attractive. THANK YOU. Now I see Idris Elba on here too - *sigh* your taste is spectacular.

Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London

Joseph Manganiello as Temple?

Idris Elba as Asriel.

Idris Elba | TractHer TrailHer

Someone at a conference this weekend told me that when she reads about Chase, she thinks about Simon Baker. Yum.

simon baker, all hands

Scarificator mechanism -- Used for bloodletting. Editorial note: Jeezum.

  • Jamie Beck

    Not bad enough to cut once, like do a slice & dice, right? ;-)