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The Rules of Scoundrels

117 Pins

The Rules of Scoundrels

  • 117 Pins

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover - November 25, 2014

West, in formalwear.

West. Westy West West.

Alexander Skarsgard |

Via Alma Pereira: "You know how awesome Chase looks on the Never Judge A Lady cover? I imagine her looming over him in bed like this in JUST that fashion. Naturally, he enjoys ceding control every once in a while....."

Via Alma Pereira: "Duncan West playing the "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" game and WINNING GODDAMN HIM...".

Via Alma Pereira: "How could anyone resist confessing to any and all of their secrets with those piercingly gorgeous Duncan West baby blues fully focused on them?!"

Damian Lewis - Cross

  • Arshia Naqvi

    Really?!? because I'm totally fine with that!

  • tjm

    No! He's a bad guy! (Or at least he seems to be so far in Season One of Homeland, which is as far as I've watched.)

  • Arshia Naqvi

    Lol but Chase is a little on the bad side too. Btw I don't watch Homeland but I've heard he gets better....


Elliot Cowan and Ruth Wilson


  • Chloe Lee

    I was wondering who you were envisioning for Cross... I can see it :)... Love that his coloring was such a prominent part of the character!

  • seize the light

    I bought your book because you mentioned the face character was Max Martini. SO underappreciated and so ridiculously attractive. THANK YOU. Now I see Idris Elba on here too - *sigh* your taste is spectacular.


Tulip Eye - the wonderful tulip staircase in the Queens House, London

Athletes. Boxing.

Oh, I see it now. Tom Hardy as Temple.

Joseph Manganiello as Temple?

Hearst Castle Roman pool

Hearst pool


Idris Elba as Asriel.

Idris Elba | TractHer TrailHer

Someone at a conference this weekend told me that when she reads about Chase, she thinks about Simon Baker. Yum.

simon baker, all hands

Red wool riding coat c. 1810


Someone on Twitter says they think of Tom Hardy when they read about Temple. I don't hate that.