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Love these. Especially the second to last one.

negative calorie foods- burns more calories to eat then they contain


There was a time in my life when just having the strength to get out of bed in the morning was considered a success. I no longer judge what others consider success because through that experience I found out that our journeys are all so very different.

Yes, It's The Sugar, And Here's How To Kick The Habit

25 miraculous Coconut Oil recipes Including: Body Butters, deodorants, toothpastes, hand creams and a couple of food recipes. All are delicious in their own special ways!

7 exercises that will have you losing 2 lbs. a week. Do it three times a week, on alternating days, to tighten up everywhere.

BRAZILLIAN BUTT WORKOUT! This will help tighten your butt while getting rid of the fat on top of the waist.

DIY makeup remover that's even better than the MOST expensive brands. Easy to make, super cheap, and removes even the toughest waterproof makeup. Here's the recipe: 1 cup water; 1.5 TBSP Castile soap;1/8 TSP olive oil or coconut oil. Shake and save or share with friends!!!

Harry Potter workout - HA!

Down 40 lb after doing the 24 Day Challenge. Read my blog about my journey to getting #healthy and how I kickstarted my weight loss!

Her story is very inspirational. Focused on health!

Homemade vicks shower disks. If you are congested, pop one in the floor of your shower, let the steam do it's work!

Lazy fitness junkie? Check out these awesome workouts you can do anywhere!