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For years, the entire family was convinced he was a Squib, can you imagine that? In a family of purebloods? Neville Longbottom is the one who tells Lord Voldemort to his face that he'll join him when hell freezes over. He kills Nagini, the last Horcrux, the last thing standing between Voldemort and Death. I love other characters, and I admire them so much, Here's to you, Neville.

  • Alicia Crabtree

    Susan & I look at this quote and it reminds us of emotional pain.

  • Alicia Crabtree

    I am in physical pain EVERY day because of my autoimmune disease. I have accepted that it is something that I will have to deal with it the rest of my life. It's the emotional pain others cause that hurts my heart. That's the change I am looking for.

  • Phoebe D Fregoso

    True that, Alicia! Will keep you in prayer.

  • Sandra Herndon Ross

    While I understand the underlying meaning of this, it really is quite harmful to those of us who didn't do anything to bring on the pain surrounding us. My husband passed away last year at the age of 53 and I can assure he and I didn't need that change.

  • Denise Podwats

    I have an auto immune disease too so I completely understand where you are coming from!

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This is great.

  • Deana Jones DeWeese

    I was never offended by anything anyone said. I just see it differently. Guess with age comes more wisdom to pick the battles worth fighting instead of looking things to be offended. If this guy did mean it to be sexist, that's his prerogative and he is entitle to his opinion based on his own life experiences.

  • Deana Jones DeWeese

    And I'm way past caring if I offend anyone with my view point. I've earned how I see the world. I'm also pretty worn out on people being offended. It's the pathetic way the pendulum swings in our culture.

  • Jen Mc

    Yup! Life is way better when stop caring about what people are going to say when you disagree. Cheers!!

  • Morgan Walker

    Honestly I believe it's an honor to have the workout named after woman. These workouts literally kick your ass, and on top of that they also improve how you look. You all should feel the respect that comes with having these hard workouts ( that make people throw up, pass out, ect. From exertion ) being named after females.

  • Molly Blankenship

    Correct! And that's just the best!

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I still say he was a dick father. Yes he loved those boys, but he was abusive (as Dean alludes to on more than one occasion) and he was so hell bent on revenge that he neglected to be a dad. Him sacrificing himself was his way of finally showing the boys exactly how much he did love them.

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