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from Nancy Gallagher Pottery - This is a 'not necessarily a clay tool' day. These styrofoam floral wreaths work like a treat for plate slump molds. I got this idea (sort of) from Vince Pitelka when he was explaining to me how he makes his slump molds from foam insulation sheets. I was in JoAnn's searching for something else, saw these, and thought, 'huh! Already cut for me'. And only $4.99 each. Couldn't pass them up.

Examples of impressing clay (top row), adding clay (second row), subtracting clay (third row), and using engobes (bottom row).

ceramic desk accessories

"72" Base with Vanadium Cone 6 oxidation

CMU 442 Kiln Construction Jake Allee: Cross Draft Soda Kilns

double pointed darts

Process | jenallenceramics

Cone 6 Uses inside: F-4 Feldspar             38 Whiting                      14 Zinc Oxide                 12 Ball Clay                      6 Flint                            *30* 100 Pick one: Celadon: copper Carb         5% Dark Blue: Cobalt Carb       5 Light blue: Cobalt Carb       1 Copper carb      1.25 Dark Green: Copper carb   6 Yellow: Redart clay              10

glazes- many recipes from Gladstone Clayworks, as used in their studio, all tested for food safety and labelled appropriately.(Alien Boy's Skin, Yeller, Black Magic, and many more)

Blue Spruce ^6 recipe

Recipe Name: Deboos 1 Rev. Lili Cone: 6 Color: Firing: Oxidation Surface: Matte Amount Ingredient 35.3 Nepheline Syenite 29.4 Ball Clay--Old Mine #4 29.4 Dolomite 59 Silica 153.1 Total

Charcoal Satin Mat ^6 ox. Recipe Name: Charcoal Satin Matte Cone: 6 Color: charcoal Firing: Oxidation Surface: Semi-Matte or Satin Amount Ingredient 31 Frit--Ferro 3124 23.2 Wollastonite 31.7 Kaolin--EPK 14.1 Silica 100 Total

John and Amy's Oil Spot Cone: 6 Color: Firing: Ox. Surface: Oil Spot Amount Ingredient 20 Feldspar--Custer 18.5 Silica 20 Kaolin--EPK 20 Frit--Ferro 3110 11.5 Talc 10 Wollastonite 100 Total Additives 9 Iron Oxide--Red 2 Titanium Dioxide

Alisa Clausen | Green Dragon Matt, ^6 oxidation. [18 Whiting, 8 Zinc Oxide, 44 Cornwall Stone, 3 Kaolin--EPK, 5 Bentonite = 78 TOTAL. Additives 4 Titanium Dioxide, 4 Copper Carbonate].

Mastering Cone 6 Glazes - High Calcium Semi Matte 2 variations

Glossy Clear Liner Glaze from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes: G-200 Feldspar:   20* Ferro Frit 3134:  20 Wollastonite:     15 EPK:              20 Talc:              6 Silica:           19

Deb Schwartzkopf | "simple seams for altering cylinders".

This is just a COPPER CARBONATE WASH. I mixed about 1 teaspoon of copper carbonate in 250ml of boiling water. Brush on bisc ware, let dry then sponge off. if you find too much sponges off then the wash can be made to stick a bit with a bit of added gum, wood glue, wall paper paste ext. Then re fire to maturing temp. for the copper anything above 950c is ok.

Ceramic Arts Daily – Simple Sets: Making and Using Templates for Uniform Handbuilt Bowls

Birdy vase by Janet Burns. This would be an excellent 2nd or 3rd grade project.