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US Eighth Air Force in WWII (England)

376 Pins

Crew No. 2, 381st BG

The Life And Times Of Lt. Col Austin Simmons: 30 Missions

S/Sgt. poses with K-20 camera at waist window of B-17. England ~

Color Pictures of World War II Air Force, Royalty Free

Cpl. Joseph F. Fox, Star City, Ind., in a salvaged B-17 plexiglass nose at a base in England, flashes the 'go light' to ground traffic crossing the runway.

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Colonel Joseph Nazzaro of Los Angeles, Calif., Commanding Officer of the 381st Bomb Group at Ridgewell, England, congratulates some of the members of his group who have completed 25 operational missions against the enemy. 18 November 1943

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Captain Robert G. Reeder, a bomber pilot in the 8th Air Force.

WWII pilot survived crash in Germany

“Leather Jacket worn by crew members of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress “Screamin’ Demon” of the 401st Bomb Group stationed at an 8th Air Force Base in England, 2 April 1945”

A multitude of pin-up pictures adorning the wall of the 533rd Bomb Squadron barber shop catches the eye of the customer as the barber gives him a trim. 381st Bomb Group, England, 1 December 1944.

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Bicycles beside a Nissen hut of the 381st Bomb Group. Most airmen acquired a bike.

Viewing Album: On the Ground

Mary Churchill, daughter of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is just about to let loose a bottle of Coca Cola on the nose of "Stage Door Canteen", Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in the official christening ceremony in the presence of high ranking officers, members of crew, and visiting stars of stage and screen. At far right: Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh.

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Bing Crosby visits with wounded servicemen while at Ridgewell, 9/2/44.

Viewing Album: Visitors and VIPs

Edward G. Robinson christens Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Happy Bottom" of the 381st Bomb Group at 8th Air Force Station 167 in England, 5 July 1944.

Viewing Album: Visitors and VIPs

The London play "While the Sun Shines," presented for the men of the 381st Bomb Group at 8th AAF Station 167 in England, 6 August 1944.

Viewing Album: Visitors and VIPs

Singing with a Red Cross girl at the Aero Club at the 381st BG.

Originally issued to the 332nd BS/94th BG at Earls Colne on 5th June 1943 (the group moved to Bury St Edmunds eight days later), where it was christened IDIOT'S DELIGHT, this bomber was transferred to the 710th BS/447th BG at Rattlesden in April 1944. By then a multi-mission veteran, it survived until it was hit by flak over the Pas de Calais on 19th June 1944. Pilot 2nd Lt Theodore A Milton was forced to ditch the bomber in the Channel, where nine of its ten-man crew perished.

Precision formation of a group of 36 B-17 Flying Fortress bombers.

World War II Today — Follow the War as it happened …

B-17s in "Flak so thick you could almost taxi around on it."

World War II Today — Follow the War as it happened …

B-17 Flying Fortresses in flight

World War II Today — Follow the War as it happened …

The crew of the B-17G "Button Nose". This plane went down near Caen, France, on August 8, 1944, but the crew successfully bailed out and were quickly back in Allied hands ~

B-17G bomber returned to Nuthampstead, Hertfordshire, England after being damaged on bombing mission over Cologne, Germany, 5 Oct 1944 (US Air Force photo)

The airmen of the 381st Bomb Group hosted Christmas parties for the local English children.

British girls are trucked to the 381st Bomb Group for an enlisted men's dance.

The enlisted men enjoy a dance with local English girls at the 381st Bomb Group.

Control tower personnel at the 381st Bomb Group in Ridgewell

Sweating out the return of the planes after a mission. Control tower of the 381st BG.

Not published in LIFE. A B-17 Flying Fortress' ground crew bids goodbye to Fortress gunners before bomber takes off on a raid in Europe, 1942. This B-17 was assigned to the 97th Bombardment Group