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marta writes: family bonding and bieber fever.

marta writes: family bonding and bieber fever.

My Sister and I have been working side by side for the past month. We've agreed, disagreed, debated and negotiated ... we've cried, cursed and laughed ... we've turned lemons into lemonade.

Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.

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Psalm 37:10,11

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A true friend sticks to the end They're loyal and kind They tease and joke They never hurt you and they're always there for you :)

I have been told, sometimes, the most healing thing to do is remind ourselves over and over and over: "Other people feel this too".

Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.

This should say the cast of Bugsy Malone because if I said, "awkward turtles, leotard, YOU SIT DOWN AND YOU SIT, "or it's funny cause it's true" in a conersation, no one else would get it.... Aint that right Julie, Mckenna, Holly, Heather, Savannah, and Lucy??!!?!!?

Can't argue with that!