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Sun and Moon tattoo

love this text tattoo placement

I like the font


Inked forearm tattoos. love them all

Coordinates Tattoo -- home town, home state, even your house, I love it♥

The Tats People Get In Vegas

I love you more than the Sun and the Moon

Second star to the right, Peter pan collarbone Neverland tattoo. One of my favorites for its delicate simplicity and placement. Pinned this long ago but for some reason it's gone!

Sun & Moon

sun and moon tattoo | Tumblr 2012 new design New release temporary tattoo waterproof Swallow tattoo stickers: Beauty

i really want a small moon like this with the quote, "there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls"

Best Small Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10


mermaid... I'm thinking of this as a sideboob tattoo. I'll add color, I'm going for a watercolor look.

watercolour hummingbird tattoo

My First Colour Tattoo!

The Celtic Animal Zodiac. The Celts honored the rhythms of Nature, and observed different flavors of their environment according to the season. Like our Native American kin, the full moon in each month held a special personality. They had a tree zodiac a Moon Zodiac and an Animal Zodiac. The Animal Zodiac is based on the animal that is most prominent within the season and the month of the persons birth.

This would be awesome with water colors

My lotus flower tattoo. Mandala style

henna hand. I wish the whole hand was visible, this is beautiful

New-Mexico-Ask (Isabella Jones) on deviantART

Lotus #flower #tattoo design

Free Tattoo Designs : Lotus flower tattoo designs - part 1

Despite growing in murky water, the lotus flower grows beautifully and perfect. A symbol of serenity and inner peace due to past troubles.

Lotus tattoo

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lotus flower tattoo // a flower that rises from the mud. the deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms

Boho / mehndi