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The Celtic Animal Zodiac. The Celts honored the rhythms of Nature, and observed different flavors of their environment according to the season. Like our Native American kin, the full moon in each month held a special personality. They had a tree zodiac a Moon Zodiac and an Animal Zodiac. The Animal Zodiac is based on the animal that is most prominent within the season and the month of the persons birth.

My lotus flower tattoo. Mandala style

henna hand. I wish the whole hand was visible, this is beautiful

New-Mexico-Ask (Isabella Jones) on deviantART

Lotus #flower #tattoo design

Free Tattoo Designs : Lotus flower tattoo designs - part 1

Despite growing in murky water, the lotus flower grows beautifully and perfect. A symbol of serenity and inner peace due to past troubles.

lotus flower tattoo // a flower that rises from the mud. the deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms

Everything eventually becomes full circle

(6) forearm tattoo | Tumblr

The Fault in Our Stars tattoos this is legit the best/cutest/most amazing couple tattoo I've never seen! I'm in love!

I really like this. Starting to compile ideas for my mermaid side tattoo. I dont want a face so this is perfect!

Every new country she goes to, she gets colored in. Epic.