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Effie and Haymitch

Twitter / JensCookiecake: VERY TRUE

Mockingjay is going to kill me

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Catching Fire trailer reactions

Twitter / LawsbianCake: During Catching Fire trailer ...

Good news for fans of the books- the Epilogue is going to be included in the last film!

Josh Hutcherson on Mockingjay set in Paris. May 8th, 2014

That is awesome. If that is true, I am very happy, I really like finnick , but which version will be true? Of course, usually the book is right, but I like finnck not dying. Now I'm confused.<-- not my comment but totally sums this up, hope this is true!!

Hahaha! I love them!

Love him for this. Farthest thing from twilight.

The new Twilight?

Head to www.TheHungerGame... now to explore the #Mockingjay FIRST LOOK! Be first to see the official motion poster, hear from the filmmakers & see more of Julianne Moore as President Coin in this #HungerGamesExclusive!

"Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the Capitol. We're very familiar with each other's scream."

Mockingjay set

Hunger Games

poor Peeta

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Mockingjay love

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Happy Birthday Katniss!!!!

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