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No thigh gapp

His Happiness Really Is The Icing On The Cake

His Happiness Really Is The Icing On The Cake

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PLEASE!!!!! STOP WITH THE MAN-JORTS!!! It is just gross.

Times it is OK to wear Jorts

This is one of my favorite moments of spongebob

This is my favorite moment of spongebob

Don’t let your printer know…

Why yes, I do have a bad temper; I'm a redhead and Irish. So tell me, what was your first clue?

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  • Annette Feinson

    They are still getting snow. I swear there is a cloud that just hangs over that place.

  • Annette Feinson

    So ya this morning i woke up to rain, left the house in freezing rain and then half way to work was in a snow storm. Thats what i get for talking crap on BFD lol

  • Sara Flores-Lovo

    Hahaha @Annette Feinson Im sorry!! It will be over soon!! :)

  • Annette Feinson

    Ha ha ya supposdd to be mid 50s to 60s this week. Im happy with that. Just a random shitty day.

@Alyssa Mastendri Helwig @Annette Feinson This reminds me of us. Especially the cupcake party we went to once ;)

funny quote not anxious extremely aware of what could go wrong