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57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses not sure all of these are true but cool all the same

57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses

Frozen is good! But...

Frozen is overrated -

Disney Creates Heartwarming Aladdin-Themed Tribute to Robin Williams—See the Photo Robin Williams, Disney Twitter Tribute

Funny how The Little Mermaid and Hercules are two of my top favorite Disney movies

That's awesome. So adorable!!

My babies! - The Meta Picture

Lilo and Stitch real life--- stunning... beautiful... precious. ***Ohana***

Beautiful Piece Of Work

Disneyland Paris

巴黎 迪斯尼童话梦幻的城堡,美得仿佛不真实 | | 照片 | 烂尾新闻的立方时空 | 立方网

Disney Fun Fact #20: Walt Disney won one regular sized Oscar and seven miniature Oscars for the film Snow White and the Seven Dawrves.

This is what I learned from Disney

25 Signs You Grew Up With Disney

Which Disney song do you think is the most romantic?

The little mermaid part of your world 12x15 by studiomarshallarts, $15.00

So I started doing Pilates w/ her videos. It's kinda like "Too many B12's to the head Cassey." Nevertheless, she done have some effective moves. It's 08JUL13 Legs on Fire | POP Pilates. Very unique routine. It's fun to do new moves! Love the plow & squat!

"Happiness is a state of mind." I love Walt Disney. So true doesn't matter the situation always look on the bright-side

opening day at walt disney world, florida. life magazine, december 1971 Love it

Walt Disney quote

Blue Sky Graphics: Inspiration

Walt Disney

Rainbow Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom