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That would be AMAZING.

Timeline Photos - Allonsy Gallifrey | Facebook

Emma Watson, everybody.

That's great. :)

Harry Potter books according to Draco hahaha

Twitter / MaryPotterhead: Draco's.

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Ministry of Magic I.D. Card. Free Printable

Ministry of Magic I.D. Card- (Free Printable)

Always Harry Potter

Oh, I'm sure at some point he claimed to have been there when baby Harry beat Voldemort. He knew Voldie would be there, of course, he tried so hard to stop him and save the poor Potter family, but tsk, five, six Death eaters showed up and barred his way. He had to beat them all with one arm petrified to his side!

My new Harry Potter bracelet from Ashley Bridget!

Blasted off the Black family tapestry


I'll just take...hmmm ALL OF IT!

Harry Potter | Geek Armory

Dobby The Free Elf

Hogwarts Alumni: Dobby The Free Elf

Abracadabra vs. Avada Kedavra