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Sasha Davidson

Sasha Davidson

Hello! I'm a teacher in China and I'm loving every minute of it!

Crochet Owl Basket-pattern for purchase

"this is why i want a lotus tattoo" <~~~~ This is why I got a lotus tattoo. (Unfortunately in my case people just copied my exact tattoo not knowing or caring about the meaning behind it.) but it is a very powerful statement and I still love what it represents.

Sometimes I look at my bathroom floors and counters and think 'How am I not bald?'

Timing is everything

This may be TMI...but its so true. This person needs an award.

Dear eyelashes, wishbones, dandelions, pennies, shooting stars, 11:11, and birthday candles. Please do your job.

Curly hair problems #765 - Seriously. I shed like a sheepdog.

will never settle for a man who wants to make me someone I don't recognize as me.

I'm perfectly imperfect

Lemonade Is For Losers….

Have your baby's first heart beat tatooed somewhere.

I'm totally going to use these in my every day life! Blow a kiss goldfish! haha

Wireless speakers that screw into any light socket and streams your iPod/Pad/Phone. And its also a lightbulb!

doggie umbrella leash. I need this for my dog lol

Ellen's Scare montage. DYING! Even if you're having the worst day this will make you laugh so hard! The best is when she scares Taylor Swift

i love marilyn quotes

Every single "I'm the Doctor" introduction from the new series.